CoreData is passionate about working with businesses to help them understand the voice of the customer and improve the customer experience. We believe that a positive customer experience is key to achieving sustainable, profitable growth.

The critical touchpoints in the customer journey can have a significant impact on repeat business, share of wallet and advocacy – ultimately impacting business profitability.

The challenge for businesses today is how to engage with customers in a way that allows them to own a conversation that positions them as the brand of choice among their target market.

Customer Experience

Getting to know your customers more intimately relies on asking the right questions. At CoreData, we’re experts in customer-side research, uncovering the hidden gems to help you build strong, lasting relationships.

CoreData is highly skilled at developing research solutions to measure, track and enhance the customer journey experience end-to-end.

We have developed several proprietary tools to gauge customer satisfaction and engagement that go beyond the two-dimensional approach employed by most market research firms.

We’ll also help you map the customer journey map, documenting the customer experience from their perspective and providing you a framework for understanding the way your customers are interacting with you and identifying improvements for the future.

Our customer experience measures are comprehensive and founded in proven theoretical frameworks, and have been tested for effectiveness over many years.

Customer Acquisition

One of the biggest challenges in running a business is managing the risk that occurs when a customer, new or old, interacts with the business.

Protect your brand’s reputation by seeking independent customer feedback on the product or services you provide.

CoreData has been conducting shadow shopping research since 2003. Through the process, we collect first-hand feedback from customers on their experience and deliver cutting edge reporting to drive business efficiency and profitability – while at the same time helping companies to reduce reputational and legislative risk.
We provide detailed feedback to the following industries:

  • Retail banking
  • Mortgage broking
  • Financial planning
  • Retail

Predictive Analytics

We have worked with small and large businesses to uncover practical insights that drive real business decisions using predictive analytics – rather than just retrospective insights.

This means we can help you pre-empt who you should be talking to – about what, and how – before they leave or make a purchase decision elsewhere, ensuring you are fully unlocking latent demand for your products and services.

Using statistical techniques such as predictive modelling and data mining, CoreData’s statisticians are adept at creating predictive analytic tools that determine, inform and influence organisational processes.

These include pre-emptive flags for defection risk (while there is still time to act), cross sell propensity scores, sophisticated customer life time value estimates and goal preparation scores.

Decision Making Drivers

As researchers, we are seriously interested in what makes people tick – and what drives them to make certain choices and purchase decisions.

Utilising the latest in behavioural science and choice modelling, we can help you understand what motivates people, where their biases lie and most importantly – cut through what really influences them to buy.

Product or Concept Testing

Do you have a new customer value proposition, product, service or information architecture that you are considering taking to market?

To prevent you from investing time and money in a concept or product that doesn’t resonate with your target market, CoreData will test it for you.

After evaluating what it is you are testing and determining the best environment to test it in – whether this be with stakeholder consultation, in a focus group format or through an online survey – we will present a detailed description of the concept or product to prospective customers or users and assess their attitudes and intentions.