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Our Services

CoreData Research understands the boundaries of research are limitless, and with the thirst for new research capabilities driven by customer demand, CoreData Research in recent years has began a global expansion into Asia and Europe.

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Our Panel

CoreData currently has a panel of 132,000 members providing a true representation of the Australian population. All socio economic areas are covered from high net worth investors to students, with labour market representation from finance professionals to small business owners, and demographics from city to regional and rural dwellers.

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Shadow Shopping

CoreData Research conducts hundreds of Shadow shopping events each year across a wide range of financial services offered by banks, brokers and financial advisors. Since 2003, CoreData has built up a massive store of Shadow shopping data history allowing current shopping programs to be benchmarked over time.

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Recent Research Projects

Post-Retirement Report 2016
April 2016

The Post Retirement Research attempts to understand the inherent challenges associated with retaining super fund members post retirement. The study enables super funds to identify the reasons why members change funds at retirement and identify methods to prevent members from leaving the fund, including potential product and service solutions.

Member Growth Report 2015
January 2016

With baby boomers hitting retirement age, funds across Australia are witnessing a shift from accumulation to decumulation among many of their highest value members. While funds have to focus on keeping older higher value members by offering appropriate product and service solutions, they also have to focus on the future – that is on younger generations who will provide future growth for funds.

Member Retention Report 2015
November 2015

CoreData’s Member Retention report will provide valuable insights into how to retain those members most likely to switch funds, or set up their own SMSF.

SMSF Trends and Outlook 2015
September 2015

The CoreData Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Service Provider Awards were held on Thursday 17 September 2015. The awards event was proudly presented by Self Managed Super Magazine.