Whether we like to admit it, us Western Australians are a parochial bunch.

Pretty much everywhere outside of WA is affectionately referred to as “over east”. When people from Perth meet someone new, they immediately ask where they grew up and what school they went to, so they can establish mutual connections. Because the chances you know someone who knows them is pretty high – it is a small town after all.

People from Perth pride themselves on the fact that it’s the most isolated city in the world; no conversation is complete without reference to the weather (which is, of course, the best in Australia – as are the beaches); and it’s perfectly reasonable to pay up to $5 for a coffee in the city.

Like it or loathe it, Western Australians move to the beat of their own drum. And they love the sound of the beat.

We recently completed some brand tracking research for a Perth-based FMCG client who was surprised by the strength of their brand. Why? They didn’t have much of a presence on supermarket shelves and had done little, if any, mainstream advertising.

Yet their unprompted and prompted awareness far exceeded competitors in their vertical, and unprompted free associations with the brand were overwhelmingly positive.