CoreData Announces The 2018 Australian Licensee Award Winners

Changes to adviser loyalty, satisfaction and needs have driven significant swings for some licensee’s in the Annual CoreData Licensee Survey – highlighting the stress Advisors are under as the whole distribution model comes under scrutiny.

Since 2002, CoreData has been using this research to benchmark the ‘Best of the Best’ and to unpick the drivers of satisfaction and disappointment among Australia’s 15,000 strong financial planning community. For the past four years we have partnered with Professional Planner to announce the award winners at the annual Licensee Summit in the Blue Mountains.

The research which was derived from the responses of more than 1500 advisors, who work with more than 30 different Licensees and manage the financial affairs of more than a quarter of a million Australians. The data, which was gathered via online survey, allowed advisors to rate their licensee’s support and leadership across the critical areas which drive business, showed significant movements reflecting the uncertainty in the industry.

After a year of turmoil, two of the segments of the industry, Independently Owned and Institutionally Affiliated – remained relatively unchanged at an aggregated level, while the satisfaction numbers of Institutionally Branded advisers have risen sharply for the third consecutive year.

This year, special attention was given to the FASEA proposals, as well as the compliance environments with some surprising and concerning results. It also identified which Licensees are under pressure to retain their advisers and what was driving this dissatisfaction. And while many advisers clearly enjoyed the opportunity to have an anonymous conversation about what they like and value, it also highlighted some of the shortcomings in the propositions of some leading Licensee’s.

The research also found that adviser Loyalty has taken a dip with some of the larger and more established businesses. Some of which is explained by shifts in ideology, leadership and ownership pressures within some licensees, whilst some of which is also driven by an unfulfilled promise.


The 2018 CoreData/Professional Planner Institutionally Branded Licensee Award  Finalists and Award Winners are:

  • Finalists – ANZ Financial Planning | Commonwealth Bank Financial Planning | BT Advice
  • Winner  – CoreData/Professional Planner Institutionally Branded Licensee Award for 2017 – Commonwealth Bank Financial Planning


The 2018 CoreData/Professional Planner Institutionally Affiliated Licensee Award Finalists and Award Winners are:

  • Finalists – Matrix Financial Planning | RI Advice | Financial Services Partners
  • Winner  – CoreData/Professional Planner Licensee Institutionally Affiliated Award for 2018 – Matrix Financial Planning


The 2018 CoreData/Professional Planner Independently Owned Licensee Award Finalists and Award Winners are:

  • Finalists – Fortnum Financial Advisers | GPS Wealth | Alliance Wealth (Centrepoint)
  • Winner  – CoreData/Professional Planner Licensee Independently Owned Award for 2018 – GPS Wealth


The 2018 CoreData/Professional Planner Best of the Best Overall Licensee Award Winner was:

  • Matrix Financial Planning


CoreData and Professional Planner would like to congratulate all the Finalists and Award Winners.
This research is critical for anyone running a licence, creating internal/external performance benchmarks or considering to establish a Licensee.

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