What can we learn from some of the world’s best brands?

For every brand superstar, such as Bunnings, there’s the story of a failed competitor like Masters. This clearly begs the question: Why do some brands fail, while others are raging successes?

It’s a question that engenders endless debate among business owners and marketers. And despite many brand ranking lists, the answers are usually subjective. That said, it’s possible to discover much from the strategies of flourishing brands such as General Electric, McDonalds and Canon, and others, which consistently make the superstar lists.

Three of the world’s best brands

In truth, General Electric, McDonalds and Canon are not necessarily the biggest, the most loved or the most successful brands in the world. But each has an interesting story to tell. We’ve sourced the Forbes Magazine brand value list to demonstrate where General Electric, McDonalds and Canon currently rank.

GE: #10 on the Forbes most valuable brand list