In the Part 1 of this blog we explored the importance of Action Research i.e. the need to implement research rather than just comfort ourselves by basking in the warm glow of its insights.

So how do we get there? We need to address some key questions at the outset.

How does this fit into the big picture? Is the research integrating with other strategies and research being undertaken by the organisation? What synergies across the organisation can we seek (for example between product offer, marketing, communications, branding, advertising, CRM, initiative programs, technology etc.)?

What are we really doing here? – We need a crystal clear view of what we want to achieve and how the research will be used. It is important to establish a realistic scope, as we can’t solve every problem the organisation has ever encountered in any one piece of research.

Are we doing this the right way? – Are we re-inventing the wheel or really building on past learning? We need to leave no stone unturned so that resource capacity meets best practice approach to ensure maximum utility and accuracy.

What are we doing to ensure the research is implemented effectively? – Will there be P&L responsibilities linked to the research outcomes? Is there an integration plan across the organisation’s departments? Is persistent follow up of the research planned as an evolutionary process?