Bugger Married at First Sight, the best TV ever is watching the Royal Commission on the feed while you are working, or better yet, listening to it as you attack yet another data cube.

The star of this show is Ken Hayne, and I’m going to have to put this out there: I’m a little bit in love with Ken. It’s not his persistent veiled jibes about timing or veracity or time wasting, slipping in either accidentally or on purpose little bits of Alfred Tennyson, Thomas Sterns Eliot or even Stephen Sondheim into his comments – I have no idea if this is on purpose or not – but I THINK when he says sitting well in order? then we will begin – he’s referencing Ulysses – you know; sitting well in order we will smite the sounding furrows and all that…

So its not the literary allusions, it’s the fact that he knows his stuff and he’s dry as a dead dingo (1). Turns out he’s the type of Judge you’d like to have a beer with. Who knew?

Then there are the parts being played by Rowena Orr and Michael Borsky (QC). Watching Rowena Orr’s measured, intelligent approach is like watching someone you know being water tortured. Slow measured and deliberate; she’s a car crash in slow motion – you know how this is going to end and it’s going to be pretty bad – she’s just taking sweet her time getting there and you can’t look away.

Borsky is different. It’s like watching the same car crash – but instead of the black and white cinema verite tones provide by Ms Orr, with Borsky – you get the same scene lit by flash photography – he looks like he’s the detective who rushed into the court at the last moment, suit not fitting properly, tie askew relying on brilliance rather than planning.

Then there are the witnesses, I’m not going to name them, because I know most of them. They are the human face for the sins of the system and mostly (and I say mostly advisedly) don’t deserve it, but it’s torture watching them.